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Dear customer, my name is Michel Sirois and I've been an ACTIVE internet marketer since 1997!

In 2014, I decided to start selling traffic from my e-mail list and as you will see shortly, my clients make sales and get super nice conversions each time they buy traffic from me!


Take A look At What My Happy Customers
Have To Say About My High Converting Traffic!

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22 sales
mike weld
January - Eugene C 7 Sales
January - John Blair
January - Dennis Reed Sales
jaunuary - maurizio-pace 2
January - Lewys Davies
January - Quintaro Kingquoc
January - Kapa
January - Bartoz
January - Christine
Oct -Phil Coble
NOVEMBER - William
Oct - Boyer
Oct - Bruce
oct - matjaz
May - Emma
May - Paz Bilal
May - Sam Cheong
August - Armando
Teresa 1000 Dollars
August - Sally Lazarus
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So What Makes My Clicks So Profitable?

... Because As A Product Creator,

It's my PRIORITY To Build BUYERS Lists!

Throughout the years, I was able to build my personal "BRAND" through "PRODUCT CREATION" and as you know by now... build numerous e-mail lists of "HUNGRY" buyers!

Unlike 99.99% of the Solo Sellers out-there who CLAIM to have BUYER TRAFFIC, I can actually PROVE To you that I have Them...

Just On Warrior Plus Alone...

I Have More Than 19, 000 BUYERS


4 Awards by Warrior+Plus
as the "Product Of The Day"

And I am in the TOP 10% vendors on Warrior Plus


Here Are A Few Known Products Of Mine
That You Might Have Come Across Once Or Twice...




All In All...

I Have More Than 19, 000 Fresh Buyers In My 160 000 Subscribers E-Mail List!!!

I DARE You To Ask Any Solo Ad Seller Who CLAIMS To Have BUYER Traffic To Show You What They Are Selling To Get BUYERS On Their Lists...

You'll be surprised by how fast they'll try to change the subject of the discussion!

What 99.99% Of Solo Ads Sellers Do Is
Buy Traffic From One Another and...
They Pass It On To You!!!

That's right, you're getting their "Beat-Up" leads...

It Explains Why So Many Solo Ads Sellers
Don't Have Many Testimonials With Sales...



When You Buy Solos From Me,
You Get The Highest Quality Clicks - Period!

Because I'm A Product Creator And...
I Have "BUYERS" In My E-Mail Lists

Here Are More Testimonials For You To Look At...

Oct - Rav
Oct - Steve - MTTB
NOV - Gloria
July - Christopher Allen
July - Piotr
May - Desmond 4 Sales
Bessie 26 sign-ups
Jacci 1 Sale
July - Aston
August - Kauzar
May - Yvess
May - Sam Cheong

And A Bunch More Testimonials On...

Why Else Should You Buy Traffic From Me?

I also have my own coaching program on Solo Ads Selling...

Perhaps you are familiar already with some of my students...

Just To Name A Few...

Mel Archuleta

Peter Schlesinger

Andy Kho Swee Yee


Andrew Letch


Tony Parzakonis


Emma Scott


Clifford Tan


Piotr Sopyla


Tony Sharma


That's right!

Not only I'm a top quality traffic provider, but I also train new marketers to become successful Solo Ads Sellers as well, through my "DFY Services & 1 On 1" coaching program.

So... When you are buying clicks from me, you are also getting the knowledge I've cumulated over the years to build a SOLID list of HUNGRY BUYERS that are RESPONSIVE and EXCITED to receive YOUR OFFERS!

My promise To You...
Customer satisfaction is my main priority and I'm here to help you achieve your goals!
  • I Do Not Use ROTATORS
  • I Do Not Buy Solo Ads From Other Solo Sellers ( I do REAL Lead Generation)
  • I Do Not Use Generic Email Swipes When I "Broadcast" Your Offer To My List
  • I will work 1 on 1 with you to ensure quality and deliverability. If I see that I can help you get better results by giving you tips on your squeeze page to make it better, I will help you, free of charge!
  • 80% Or HIGHER Tier 1 Traffic : USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. - Standard of the industry.
  • NO exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchanges, NO safe-lists, NO BOTS.
  • I always over deliver on each order.
  • Best Converting Niches : Biz Opp, Make Money Online, General Internet Marketing, Mlm.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed!
  • If You Want The Email Swipes I Used For Your Campaign, Simply Ask Me And I'll Give Them To You

Terms & Conditions
  • Clicks will be queued in the approximate timeframe indicated on this page but can go up to 72 hours before starting depending on the demand.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any Solo Ads if I don't see it fit to my networks.
  • No adult or gambling.
  • No Refund Policy : I cannot guarantee the success of your campaign because of contributing factors such as your squeeze page, sales funnel and the content you offer.
  • Terms & Conditions are subject to change over time as I grow my list.
We Have Clicks And
Various Traffic Sources
For Your Every Needs!

And much more...


Get Your Guaranteed
Solo Clicks Now!
50 Solo Clicks
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1000 Solo Clicks
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2000 Solo Clicks
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STEP 1: Purchase the number of clicks You Want above.

STEP 2: Once you have paid, you will be redirected to my CONTACT page so you can give me your LINK.

Talk soon,
Michel Sirois

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Perhaps you are new to the business and are still trying to figure-out what we do to make up to $100-$500 Per Day through Solo ads and I can definitively help you get there!

My method is "EVERGREEN" and is actionable through ANY offer you may want to promote!

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