Are WORTH More Than What You Think!

I remember...

When I started my first Internet Marketing Business in 1997, there were few resources available.

I was trying to figure out everything on my own and no matter the products I baught, I wasn't getting the REAL ANSWERS I needed to make me thrive to success and that got me really frustrated.

My frustration is what actually led me to start creating my own line of products, to ensure quality & proven methods that I use every day, to have a successful internet business.

Today I want to share with you the "Evergreen" method we use to make a lot of money online. Please note that I added my own little TWIST to make it even more profitable! You won't beleive the profit-pulling potencial you'll get from my strategy and plan of action!

You Are Building An E-Mail List?

This Is Your Chance To Make An Extra $135-$900 Per day!


Now... here's the cold-hard truth!

Internet Marketers who build e-mail lists can also sell traffic from their e-mail lists!

What does that mean?

Each people who click their client's offer is worth anywhere between $0.35-$75 per cick, depending on the responsiveness of your subscribers!

If you think about it, what is a GUARANTEED way to make money? Selling ad space through your e-mail list or emailing a random affiliate offer that doesn't guarantee sales?

It's common sense to realise now that selling ad spots through your e-mail list can only make you instant cash... and this is why I wrote the Solo Seller Formula... to show you exactly what you need to do to sell Solo Ads from your own list!

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What you GET with
The Solo Seller Formula

  • How do Solo Ads work.
  • The Formula REVEALED.
  • TOOLS needed to SELL your TRAFFIC.
  • Solo Sales Copy writing HACKS.
  • How to create your Solo Sales Page.
  • I Will Reveal What Rotators You Can Create To Diversify Your Traffic And Money Sources To Get Maximum Returns.
  • How to broadcast your Solo click campaigns.
  • Step By Step to make your Solo Ads Campaigns.
  • How To Nurture Your List To Keep Your Subscribers Engaged And Clicking!
  • How To Write Swipes For Solo Ads... To Get People To "Open & Click" Your E-Mail Messages Massively!
  • Where to sell your Solo Clicks.
  • How to get testimonials from your buyers.
  • How to handle Customer Service.

See why people Love The Solo Seller Formula

You Too Can Make Up To

This is your chance to get your hands on my "Evergreen" money making formula for such a low price!


You're 1 Step Closer To Success!

(Ususal Retail Price - $17)


Free Lifetime Access to Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group.

When You Get “Solo Seller Formula”, you’ll be allowed to access Our Private Mastermind Group. This Group is intended to provide you with assistance & inside information so that you can learn how to scale your Internet Marketing business with the other members of our Group.


The Solo Seller Formula comes with LIFETIME UPDATES.

That’s right! Each time I add new information or strategies to the “Solo Seller Formula” you get the newest edition through your e-mail inbox. Make “The Solo Seller Formula” your “Go-To” Resource Guide!



Anyone who purchases my products can come talk to me on Skype or Facebook to ask questions! I figure that if I can make products, I can also offer a bit of support with it as well to guide you!

Let's Not Forget Our Quality Assurance Policy!

money back logo


I’m so confident that “Solo Seller Formula” will help you make money that I added a refund policy. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, I will refund you, no questions asked!

But Let Me Ask You This...

Who Do You Think Makes 100% Sure Shot Money When A Solo Ad Is Sold?

The Solo Ad Buyer Or The Solo Ad Seller?

Needless to tell you that selling Solo Ads from your own list is something that you need to do as an internet marketer!

Selling Solo Ads from your list will bring you that extra cash you need to keep growing bigger and bigger!

If you have an e-mail list, you can sell Solo Ads!

Each and every day I sell between 300 clicks to 2000 clicks and I charge $0.45 per click!

This represents between $135 to $900 per day, simply for mailing my list, with traffic I ALREADY have! - No Brainer!

Time is running-out for this
$9.95 Offer


You're 1 Step Closer To Success!

(Ususal Retail Price - $17)

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