If it’s not about the products, then what are people buying?

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In my experience, BRANDING has always been a way for people to know you, like you & trust you!

… And “People buy people”, then they join the opportunity.

Always was, always will be!

As a product creator myself, I noticed the quality of buyers I got since I started creating my own line of products.

Sometimes a customer buys 1 product and ends up buying 4 or 5 of them on the same day because they know I deliver good stuff and made it myself.

Thow it’s preferable to create your own products, there are all sorts of PLR/MRR products out there that makes it’s easy to brand stuff under your name.

Knowing that, I don’t see why I would promote someone else’s brand when I can promote my own to gain an AUDIENCE that follow ME.

What about you?

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