Getting Traffic From Forum Posting

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This is a fantastic way to get more subscribers for your list and also to be recognized as an expert in your field.

By posting in forums in your market, you can get a lot of attention.

My favorite way to use this is a bit controversial:

  • Post something vague or controversial in order to start a conversation.
  • Respond to the questions that popup and keep the thread alive.
  • Make sure the thread has your optimized keywords in the title.

By posting something vague or controversial you are inviting people to post back into the thread.

when Google sees an active thread they will index it and even rank it for your keywords.

It’s pretty easy to get started.

1) Find forums in your niche
2) Read some of the back posts learn the people and the rules
3) Start answering questions or posting informative posts
4) Include a link to your squeeze page in your signature

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Michel Sirois

Michel Sirois

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