Getting traffic from Facebook Groups

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I see too many newbies post in Facebook Groups and today I reveal how I see it …

In my experience, I noticed that In the MMO or MLM niche, people all want to sell you their opportunity, no one inter-acts in these posts!

To me this means that there are no clients… only sellers!

So why waste your precious time to set-up auto-posting and its content for a few bucks profit… if you’re lucky?

Public FB Groups that allow link posting are most often what we call “Link Farms” and this explains why the results are not as expected.



Build a Private Mastermind Group that holds your BUYERS ONLY.



Each time I post a message, I make sales, without risking FB Jail for spamming or worse, having my FB account closed!

Sometimes, less is more!

There are so many ways to make money online without spamming!

And think about it, do you really want people to percieve you as a spammer?

Is that good for business? I think not!

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